At Dolce Vita, we’ve always worked to become a more sustainable and socially responsible version of ourselves – better footwear, lower footprint. And while these changes don’t happen overnight, they are happening. Working closely with our designers, our suppliers, and our factories, we’re forging a path forward that asks less from the planet, and more from our partners. Because it is not enough to design for ourselves – we have to design for the future, too.

At Dolce Vita, every step is a conscious choice towards a sweeter life and more sustainable world.

About Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita began as a dream on a cocktail napkin.

Since then, we’ve been seeking to share la dolce vita – the sweet life. Indulging in little luxuries, celebrating individuality, and romanticizing the everyday in the perfect pair of shoes.

At Dolce Vita, we design shoes meant for living life slowly and fully. Each step is a conscious choice towards a sweeter life and a more sustainable world. Our shoes are crafted to carry you through life with ease, confidence, and enjoyment. Our team approaches new styles with creativity, attention to detail, and a commitment to sustainable style and comfort. We hope to create a community that we can be proud of with every step – and have some fun along the way.