Humans are electron-deficient as a result of being more disconnected from nature and having less direct contact with the Earth and its bountiful, beneficial energy, called electrons. Electron deficiency is one of the major causes of inflammation. According to scientific studies, inflammation is the root of many conditions as well as chronic diseases. Going barefoot, a primary way of getting grounded, yet is not a practical way of life in modern days. Perils exist in many environments and many geographies are prohibitive. Access to nature is limited for many on a consistent basis. Living in urban areas and in more northern climates precludes connection with the outdoors during large portions of the year. HARMONY783’s calling is Human Sustainability Powered by Earth and creating a modality in the form of footwear to help people re-connect to the nature’s energy to revitalize and replenish their health and well-being while our amazing grounding shoes.

About HARMONY 783

Harmony 783 is an innovative lifestyle company created in response to the desires of today’s health conscious, informed consumers who want to optimize their wellbeing, look good, and feel even better. Our flagship product line features classic and timeless grounding footwear for both women and men. Grounding, also known as Earthing, is scientifically proven to be beneficial to one’s wellbeing. It replenishes the body with energy via electrons from the earth. Over 21 published studies, numerous books, and 3 documentary films substantiate these findings.