[Meridian, MS, May 3, 2021] BLOOM Sustainable Materials has appointed footwear components veteran Chuck Mason as President & Chief Executive Officer of Algix, LLC and the BLOOM brand of sustainable materials used in footwear and other consumer products.

Mason comes to BLOOM with three decades of leadership experience in consumer products and footwear and a wealth of experience in branded, technical materials. Mason previously worked with W.L. Gore and Associates’ GORE-TEX brand and, prior to that, as Chief Commercial Officer of the BOA® Fit System.

Mason succeeds John Wilson who has served as Chairman since 2016 and guided the company as CEO since 2018. Wilson continues in the role of Chairman and is pleased to have Mason join, stating “I am pleased to begin this new chapter with BLOOM Sustainable Materials.  Chuck brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our company.  I feel we are now well positioned to execute on our plan to expand the use of our transformation materials in the marketplace.”

Mason commented, “I am excited and honored to have the opportunity to join BLOOM.  There is a passionate and talented team here, incredible technology, and the market needs could not be greater for sustainable solutions that are verifiably better for the environment.  I look forward to the team continuing efforts to innovate manufacturing processes and products that result in more clean water and air for our planet. BLOOM materials help our brand partners lessen their products’ negative impacts on the environment without sacrificing style, comfort, durability, or performance. There is a lot there to feel great about.”

BLOOM, based in Meridian, Mississippi, transforms harmful and problematic algae into sustainable materials for consumer products, lowering their carbon footprints while cleaning air and water. For more information on BLOOM Sustainable Materials please visit www.BloomTreadWell.com and follow @bloomfoam.

[Meridian, MS, February 15, 2021] Algix, a green-technology and parent company of the BLOOM™ brand, today released the results of their record setting year. In 2020, 303,941,629 liters of water were cleaned and returned to the environment, 190,454,484 cubic meters of air cleaned of CO2 from the atmosphere and 138,877 kilograms of CO2 sequestered. The BLOOM Certified Eco Facts communicate the benefits of using BLOOM materials in terms of climate change, water and energy usage, human health, and ecosystem impacts.

More than 100 customers now use BLOOM to meet their sustainability goals. Traditional resins combined with BLOOM materials use algae to transform air and water pollution into a replacement for plastics in consumer products.

“Our customers appreciate our fully transparent methodology and life cycle assessment to help brands and consumers understand the impact of using algae from cleaning water,” said Algix Co-Founder, Ryan Hunt. “Our customers, like Levi’s®, view BLOOM as a partner in helping them meeting performance requirements and sustainability impact.”

“At Levi’s, sustainability is woven in everything we do and that includes footwear. Our collaboration with BLOOM gives us the opportunity to address two of our priorities: keep the water clean and reduce the consumption of oil-based materials,” according to Levi’s.

“Our BLOOM partnership is another step forward in our commitment to finding new ways to reduce our footprint,” said Katie Pruitt, director of product at Sanuk. “By using BLOOM in our upcoming Sanuk X Grateful Dead collection, it has allowed us to help restore freshwater ecosystems by cleaning 940,000 liters of water.”

Every product containing BLOOM helps clean polluted water and captures carbon to lower the product’s environmental footprint. BLOOM works with government organizations and private companies to clean air and water pollution by using algae harvested from lakes and water treatment systems.

Brands that adopt BLOOM support lake restoration and environmental protection projects that have significant impact.


Eco-Facts by the Numbers:


  • 303,941,629 Liters
  • 190,454,484 Cubic Meters of Air
  • 138,877 kilograms of CO2 eq offset.


TOTAL 2017-2020:

  • 745,755,453 Liters
  • 467,301,798 Cubic Meters of Air
  • 340,750 kilograms of CO2 eq offset


Algix, based in Meridian, Mississippi, transforms air and water pollution into sustainable ingredients for consumer products. For more information on Algix and BLOOM products please visit www.BloomTreadWell.com and follow @bloomfoam.

MERIDIAN, Miss.Sept. 21, 2020  — Algix, a pioneering algae-based consumer products supplier and parent company of the BLOOM® brand, today announced the results of their Q1/Q2 Clean Water + Clean Air initiative.  For the first six months of 2020 more than 154 million liters of water was cleaned and returned to the environment, 96 million cubic meters of air cleaned of CO2 from the atmosphere and 70,000 kilograms of CO2 sequestered. Algix expects to have cleaned over 850 million liters of water cumulatively and 524 million cubic meters of air cleaned of CO2 by the end of 2020. The Q1/Q2 savings represent triple of what the Company saved in the entire 2019 calendar year. More than 80 brand partners including BOGS, Hush Puppies and Oboz, use BLOOM in everything from footwear to surfboards.

“Just this year we cleaned enough water to fill 62 Olympic-sized pools, and enough CO2 offset to equal the emissions of driving around the globe 6.5 times,” said Algix Co-Founder, Ryan Hunt. “These numbers are meaningful because they represent the large acceptance from our brand partners.”

“We’re committed to reducing our carbon bootprint,” said David Cook, vice president of marketing at BOGS. “BLOOM plays an essential role in helping us do so and it is encouraging to see what an impact they have already made.”

“Hush Puppies is excited to introduce Bloom to our customers around the world,” said Ken Beaulieu, vice president of global product creation at Hush Puppies. “We believe that commerce and sustainability are not mutually exclusive concepts, so it was a natural fit to partner with Bloom and incorporate their sustainable materials in our new Good Shoe collection for Spring 2021.”

BLOOM harnesses algae to transform air and water pollution into a replacement for plastics in consumer products. Every product containing BLOOM helps clean polluted water and captures carbon to lower the product’s environmental footprint. BLOOM was developed to use algae as a means of cleaning the environment while providing algae-based sustainable materials to the world. BLOOM is the world’s first algae-blended EVA to the footwear industry as a sustainable ingredient in flexible foams for high rebound applications such as shoes, sporting products, and accessories. Precise calculations for the Clean Water + Clean Air initiative were developed with the help of BLOOM’s eco-facts, based on the amount of algae biomass in any given product.

BLOOM, based in Meridian, Mississippi, is an algae-based raw material supplier providing sustainable materials for the footwear and consumer markets. For more information on BLOOM please visit www.BloomTreadWell.com and follow @bloomfoam.

PHONE: (706) 207-4772


The Fashinnovation conference was created to connect entrepreneurship, innovation and technology within the fashion industry. Since launching the conference during New York Fashion Week in 2018, Fashinnovation has built a community of powerhouses and brands such as Fern Mallis, Diane Von Furstenberg, Louis Vuitton, Chromat, WGSN, Wearable X, Mara Hoffman, Boxed Water, Refinery29, Fast Company, and others.

“I’m excited to be speaking about sustainable innovation and BLOOM at FASHINNOVATION in NYC on Feb 5th!” – Ryan Hunt

February 5, 2020 Bloom will be joined by dozens of fashion experts, innovators, technologists and Brand leaders to discuss the intersection of fashion and apparel with innovative new technologies!

The InnovationXLab Biomanufacturing Summit is an exclusive event aimed at showcasing how U.S. industry can leverage the world-leading bioscience assets and capabilities of the Department of Energy’s national laboratories. Its goal is to bridge the gap between research and commercialization and pave the way for a stronger bioeconomy – and the jobs and industries of tomorrow.

Hosted by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), the event will bring together experts for an exchange of ideas across the biomanufacturing landscape – from synthetic biology, bioenergy, bioplastics and other materials, foods, agriculture, and bio-based therapeutics.

“I’m excited and honored to be presenting BLOOM technology and products at the Department of Energy’s InnovationXLab Biomanufacturing Summit hosted by University of California, Berkeley! Our panel session will present exciting developments from Checkerspot, Inc. And Gingko Bioworks to discuss Building the Future with a focus on using microorganisms as technology platforms to produce commercial products in more sustainable and circular ways.” – Ryan Hunt

Biomanufacturing has already transformed the energy, environmental, agricultural, and medical sectors. To ensure the field continues to benefit the public for years to come, thought-leaders and investors must forge stronger ties to accelerate innovation and develop the next generation of tools and technologies. Join us at the summit to be a part of this movement.

Milan, 2-4 October 2019

Science and innovation inspire the world of materials

Following the great results of Lineapelle Innovation Square 2018, a new edition of one of the most important global appointments on Innovation in Luxury and Fashion Materials is coming.

Within Lineapelle, the global leading trade show for fashion and luxury materials and components, Innovation Square will be the place to be, where the most up to date consumer demands and market trends are linked to latest evolutions of technology, with examples of particularly relevant and advanced researches and innovations.

Lineapelle Innovation Square 2019 will take place in Milan from the 2nd until  the 4th October and will feature an inspiring opening session, 6 technical sessions with over 30 speakers from all over the world, top R&D institutions and highly innovative companies that will share their knowledge and, on the 4th October, a moderated debate on the future of innovation in the industry.

Six thematic areas have been identified through a careful research work by the curators and will guide the speeches that will open the doors to the future:
New aesthetics: how to develop the appearance of products by exploring future technologies and techniques
Nanotechnologies: innovative functionalities of materials and products
Biotech: bio-generated chemistry and materials
Customisation: Technologies for the customization of products
Wearable devices and product intelligence
Circularity: innovative materials and business models for circularity

On Friday 4 October, LINEAPELLE INNOVATION SQUARE will come to a close with a special panel entitled “What’s next?”. Moderated by the project curator, Federico Brugnoli, some highly qualified industry professionals will be discussing the most critical aspects of innovation for the future of the luxury and materials sector for the fashion industry, design and automotive sector supply chain.

Participating at the 2019 edition of INNOVATION SQUARE, among others, are: MIT, Tufts University of Boston (USA), Fashion Institute of Technology (USA), Italian Institute of Technology, IIT (IT), Cambridge University (UK), Advanced Functionalised Fabrics Of America, AFFOA (USA), Rutgers School of Engineering (USA), INESCOP (Spain), CeNTI (Portugal).

With Innovation Square, Lineapelle is bringing the future to Milan.

We just finished a week of technical presentations on Harmful Algae Blooms in Orange Beach AL!

The symposium focused on emerging harmful algal blooms in the US, crossing the land-sea interface in temperate and subtropical zones in the face of climate change and shifting land use.

It was great learning about the enormous amount of science and research investigating harmful algae blooms and exploring exciting new ways to help monitor and mitigate these problems impacting local communities all around the world.

Between insightful results of dog deaths from harmful algae blooms to the largest bloom ever recorded (the great Atlantic Sargassum macroalgae bloom), this conference had it all when it comes to the negative impacts our water and air pollution is having on terrestrial, marine and economic factors!

Thank you Schonna Manning, PhD for your support of the Bloom mission and rocking these new Avrio Footwear shoes!! And shout out to Wolverine Worldwide for my Merrel Dogfish Head BLOOM shoes!!