The Clean Water + Clean Air


Our clean water + clean air certification process empowers brands to Tread Well with confidence, knowing the materials in their shoes actively helped clean and maintain the environment.


The scientists at Bloom have worked to quantify the specific positive impacts our materials make on freshwater ecosystems and the air we breathe. When brands incorporate Bloom materials into their shoes, they are able to know exactly how each pair is working for good.

We translate these impacts using visuals such as cubic meters of air cleaned of CO2, and liters of water cleaned of harmful nutrients.

In order to ensure these numbers are accurate and trustworthy, we have created the Bloom Certification system to track our impacts from our factory to your feet.

Bloom Certified Factory Mark

After signing our supplier agreement, a factory must then demonstrate to us that they are proficient in the manufacturing processes necessary to work with Bloom materials and to produce good quality products. Then, they agree to allow us to monitor our materials used in their factory. This helps us ensure our impact metrics are accurate and that our brand partners are getting the quality products they expect.

Bloom Certified Product Mark

Brands that work with us to confirm and quantify their product’s Bloom content are awarded a Bloom Product Certification.

Bloom Certified Ally Mark

The 50 Million Liter Challenge

Brands that use enough Bloom materials in their products within one year to clean 50 million liters of water or more are awarded the “Bloom Ally” certification.