The InnovationXLab Biomanufacturing Summit is an exclusive event aimed at showcasing how U.S. industry can leverage the world-leading bioscience assets and capabilities of the Department of Energy’s national laboratories. Its goal is to bridge the gap between research and commercialization and pave the way for a stronger bioeconomy – and the jobs and industries of tomorrow.

Hosted by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), the event will bring together experts for an exchange of ideas across the biomanufacturing landscape – from synthetic biology, bioenergy, bioplastics and other materials, foods, agriculture, and bio-based therapeutics.

“I’m excited and honored to be presenting BLOOM technology and products at the Department of Energy’s InnovationXLab Biomanufacturing Summit hosted by University of California, Berkeley! Our panel session will present exciting developments from Checkerspot, Inc. And Gingko Bioworks to discuss Building the Future with a focus on using microorganisms as technology platforms to produce commercial products in more sustainable and circular ways.” – Ryan Hunt

Biomanufacturing has already transformed the energy, environmental, agricultural, and medical sectors. To ensure the field continues to benefit the public for years to come, thought-leaders and investors must forge stronger ties to accelerate innovation and develop the next generation of tools and technologies. Join us at the summit to be a part of this movement.