Abbiamo messo insieme alcune informazioni utili e risorse del marchio per aiutarti con la tua storia. Se desideri utilizzare una di queste risorse in un modo che non è coperto dalle nostre linee guida del marchio, contattaci qui.

BLOOM’s marks include include the BLOOM® name, logo, and any word, phrase, icon, image, color scheme or other designation that identifies, directly or indirectly, the source or origin of any BLOOM® product. Please refrain from modifying BLOOM® marks or using them in a confusing or misleading manor. Please also refrain from using BLOOM® marks to suggest sponsorship or endorsement by BLOOM®, and refrain from using BLOOM® marks in a way that could potentially confuse or inappropriately associate BLOOM® with any other brand. If you are unsure about any action relating to BLOOM® or its marks, please feel free to contact us at info@bloommaterials.com