Many outdoor and environmentally conscious brands have been utilizing Bloom, a plant-based foam made from algae, in their products to tackle climate change effects and lower their carbon footprint in the production process. We shared the details on Native Shoes’ Plant Shoe in June and we were stunned by its appearance, durability, and overall comfort. Now, the “live lightly” gurus at Native are pointing their feet towards another sustainable project that reimagines the brand’s bestselling slip-on design: the Native Shoes Jefferson Bloom.

Native Shoes Jefferson Bloom Colors
Native Shoes

The Jefferson Bloom — a“sustainable Croc,” if you will — is the second member of Native’s sustainable line. The company is searching for materials that are better for the Earth and on its way to the goal of being 100% lifecycle-managed by 2023.

All 50 U.S. states and many other countries around the world are struggling with the toxic algae bloom epidemics in lakes due to rising temperatures and increased runoff pollution. The toxic algae not only affects activities such as fishing and water sports, but these lakes, rivers, and reservoirs are essential sources of fresh drinking water for millions of people. The Bloom foam was created to help curb the growing issue by gathering algae and turning it into a strong and viable material for a shoe sole. The process also contributes to supporting our freshwater systems as  Bloom results in an estimated 225 bottles of filtered water returned to natural habitats and reduces the amount of C02 released into the atmosphere.

Native Shoes Jefferson Bloom Teal
Native Shoes

Native Shoes is the first brand to utilize all of Bloom’s unique material throughout the shoe’s entire construction rather than for just a partial component of the design. It’s an extremely comfortable assembly, boasting enhanced support, a lightweight feel, and a surprising amount of style considering it’s a Croc-like foam shoe. The Jefferson is also extremely breathable, odor-resistant, shock absorbent, durable, and easily hand-washable. On top of that, each shoe cleans 80 liters of water and keeps the equivalent of 15 balloons (literally) of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere.

Native Shoes has plans to add additional styles to its sustainable family, which includes a redesign of its sole-flattering pointed toe shoe, The Audrey, in spring 2020. However, climate change and plastic waste won’t wait for us, so why wait to promote and support more sustainable business practices?

The Native Shoes Jefferson Bloom shoe is now available for $45 in black, dark blue, and teal colorways.