Using algae technology, we intercept pollution before it negatively impacts nature, supporting our transformation from a linear to a circular economy.

While the mobile harvesters respond to an emergency algae bloom, it is our goal that the blooms never happen to begin with. That is why we partner with Clearas to implement algae harvesting technology at waste water treatment facilities. CLEARAS Water Recovery delivers biological-based wastewater treatment solutions for nutrient recovery. Municipal and industrial dischargers leverage Advanced Biological Nutrient Recovery (ABNR™) technology to cost-effectively recover phosphorus, nitrogen, and other constituents. As a bolt-on solution, ABNR™ enables customers to realize resource recovery across the treatment cycle. Benefits include reuse-quality water, recycled carbon dioxide, and a valuable plant-based biomaterial.

Through a unique application of biomimicry, ABNR™ leverages and enhances nature’s time tested patterns of nutrient recovery by transferring the problem – algae blooms – into the solution.

ABNR™ is a sustainable and regenerative approach to nutrient treatment. It achieves best-in-class water quality, is modular and scalable, and produces a plant-based biomaterial co-product. That co-product is upcycled into diversified and growing markets including plastics, foams, feeds, and soil enhancements. Customers benefit from a residual income stream created from the sale and upcycling of this valuable plant-based biomaterial.