Through environmental restoration, algae is harvested to export nutrients and restore balance to the ecosystem.

BLOOM has developed small-scale, mobile harvesting units as an emergency response solution to algae blooms. A pump brings the polluted water to the unit where it is mixed with an industry standard coagulant, which allows the algae to stick together in small clumps called flocks. Tiny air bubbles are then injected into the water that allows the flocks to float to the surface of the tank. Every 10 minutes or so, a big squeegee scrapes the algae into a collection tank where it is now ready to be converted into an algae paste. The algae-separated water is then returned back into the environment, restoring balance to that ecosystem.

We have since partnered with the World’s largest engineering firm, AECOM, who uses our harvesters for demonstrations to show cities and municipalities our algae harvesting technology as a solution for  algae bloom remediation. The goal is to build permanent algae harvesting infrastructure on strategic lakes across the US!

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24hrs of Harvesting – Before and After